The Comic

In 1995 the mini-comic, MadCurry, was spawned from the filthy copy machines of Philadelphia. Despite it’s irrational excesses and general bad grooming, it developed a modest following of miscreants and ne’er-do-wells. In 1998 it metamorphosed into a primordial webcomic, but soon collapsed in a pile of stagnant, foul smelling, ooze. Now that WordPress has administered an injection of green, glowing reagent, MadCurry is breaking the rigor mortis from it’s limbs and shielding it’s bloodshot eyes from the blazing sun of indifference.

This site will be presenting the original MadCurry mini-comics and art in convenient webcomic form. After that, nobody knows!

The Blog

In addition to news about the comics, this is the place to keep up on the nefarious goings-on at the Speakeasy, the underground studio and bar that is the current refuge of MadCurry. I will be covering the unwholesome media that emanates harmful frequencies of light and sound from the AV system, including trashy genre movies and crackly dollar bin vinyl records. I may also get around to writing about some of the beer and cocktails that get spilled on the bar.

The Author

Robert Wertz is a Philadelphia based cartoonist who should probably be locked up for bringing this comic into the world. His latest (possibly less reprehensible) comic, Kitty’s Cats, can be found at:

The Website

This site will be used as a guinea pig by the author as he finds better ways to mangle WordPress. Please do not be alarmed if the site transforms around you as you view the comics!