In the tradition of tacky marketing gimmicks, we bring you MadCurry Mondays! “What exactly are these MadCurry Mondays”, you ask? Why, it’s the final solution to your most troubling webcomic reading dilemma! Trying to remember when your favorite webcomics update is taxing on your brain. We are here to help! With the potent ingredient, alliteration, MadCurry Mondays is our remedy! From now on MadCurry will only update on Monday of every week.

“But I used to get three helpings of MadCurry every week, how will I cope?”, you might ask. Well, here’s the deal. Sometimes the update will be a full chapter or comic, up to 8 pages in one day! However, some updates will be a total rip-off, with only a cover, an illustration, or a crappy one page comic! Much Like Cracker Jack, the joy is in not knowing what to expect!